Minecraft players, followers, fanatics and lovers – lend me your ears! You can now download the Minewars Texture Pack 1.2.5.

Not sure what this texture pack has to offer? Well, if you’re into Star Wars then you are in for a treat! The texture pack plies the Star wars theme into the minecraft game giving you a sci-fi version of minecraft and hence a darker futuristic theme into the game.

For example, skeletons are stormtroopers with the bows they carry replaced by blasters and the swords light sabers. Zombie pig men are dark Jedi and the updates on the pack incorporates new blaze mobs that look like probe droids.

Since the pack only provides a new and interesting way to see the world of minecraft, you don’t even have to be a total Star wars junkie to love it.

The texture pack has recently undergone some updates to ensure it works fine with Minecraft 1.2.5 and just to take care of persistent bugs, the pack is frequently updated.