We all know the current situation with pets. They stock up and doesn’t really have the most useful features. So how do we make them usefull? Here’s my idea (bear in mind that this is borderline of the vanilla style of Minecraft):

When interacting with pets, there should be implemented a UI for giving pets specific traits. Each trait should diminish experience, and every upgradable trait should demand more experience (depending on the usefullness of that trait). This UI could follow the same style as the achievements and unlock more features as you use more experience on that spesific pet.

Ideas for dogs

• Protect a certain area (guarding a base, walking around).

• Herd sheep or other animals (keep them in groups).

• Better fighters againts certain mobs (“avoid creeper explosions”).

• Track specific ores in caves (bark when found).

• More health and damage etc.

Ideas for cats

• “Snuggle” (slowly increases health).

• Chase other mobs away from your base.

• Trading trait. When nearby other villagers, you would get better prices (because it’s so cute!).

• Etc…

I think you’ve got the jist of it. English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse any spelling mistakes.