Today Notch announced that even though 5.2 million copies of Minecraft copies been sold and hundreds of millions of hours played, there is still a secret in the game that no one has found yet. The revelation came up in a conversation between Notch and SpyParty’s Chris Hecker. Notch did not release any details as to what this undiscovered might be – however, Notch did reveal that it was so secret, that consulting a wiki was almost required to discover part of what the secret content is.

Since then, the Minecraft community has exploded over what it might be. To think, Minecraft has such a huge fanbase and there is still something undiscovered. With how much game time has been logged, this secret (supposing Notch just isn’t trolling us) must be pretty hard core. Especially considering the fact that tens of thousands of modders have literally memorized the source code for the game. How could something like this get past them?

Some have speculated that because of this, it could be a hidden texture feature – a bug might have been left in the game on purpose. Some also proposed that the secret could be gaps in the code which will allow for certain things to happen. Whatever it is, the hunt is on!