So recently the conversation has blown up in the Minecraft community about the need to reform the enchantment system. As it currently stands, players are given the incentive to cheat their way to higher levels, because it is so hard to grind legitimately. Another problem is that even if the player does not cheat, he or she may not even get an enchantment that is worth while. Well, some clever Redditor by the name of Airandius has come up with a clever solution, shown in the following picture.

The new system will add five new gems, sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst, and emerald. These gems will spawn in certain biomes. For instance, the sapphire could spawn in the swamp while the ruby could spawn in the forest – this is just an example. These new gems will be used at the enchantment table; their purpose will be to ensure that the player will get the enchantment of their choosing. For instance, sapphire would grant fire protection on armor and fire damage on swords. This suggestion got a lot of positive feedback and many people have some other ideas about how it could be improved.