Day 1: Welcome to Minecraft. Prepare for night. Get some lumber by punching trees down. Use the lumber to make some planks and some sticks. Use the planks to build a crafting table. With the crafting table, use some sticks and planks to craft a wooden pickaxe. Use the wooden pickaxe to mine some cobblestone and coal. Use some cobblestone and sticks to craft a stone sword; use the coal and some sticks to craft some torches. Use some blocks to build a shack, or dig a hole in the ground. Light your area with torches. Defend yourself against the enemies.

Day 2- ∞: Spend life the way you want to: create monumental projects, explore the depths of the world and conquer the nether, kill the ender dragon, meander around and leisure under the shade of some trees. Learn some things as you go: stay away from creepers, endermen hate trees, bone meal instantly grows plants, always walk around with a water and lava bucket, diamonds are pretty. Eat some food along the way; farm wheat for bread, grow watermelons, fish the waters for fish, hunt the wild for chickens, pigs and cows, scour caves for mushrooms for mushroom soup, worship the mooshrooms in all their goodness – should you be lucky enough to find them. Have fun and play and don’t get lost.