Let us say that you have already gone on your adventure to find a place to build a base. At this point, getting a more reliable food source will be the next order of business. There are two types of farming: gardening and breeding. Because there are so many seeds, gardening is a diverse field of expertise. Breeding is less dynamic, because generally all you need to do is give wheat to two of the same animal and wait a day for a baby.

In this lesson we will cover breeding, gardening will be covered later. You may want to choose breeding as your source of food because meat fills your stomach more than plants. Out in the plains of your base, there will be a myriad of animals. In terms of meat animals there are cows and pigs and chickens and mooshrooms. Trapping the animal is the most important part. It is easy to herd pigs and chickens, because they will follow you if you are holding wheat. Find a family of animals and quickly build a two high wall around them; you can use a fence too, but it is more expensive. Good form when building a wall is to make stairs on the outer perimeter of the wall. This will trap animals for you to slaughter.