For Christmas I decided I would like to think about ways that Minecraft could be more Christmasy (also more Halloweenie) while at the same time making the world seem more alive.. So the idea that I have had in my mind is to have an abandoned village and zombie villagers, because face it. Not every village will/can survive through the night Also, another village would be a Christmas-like village with brick houses and whatnot, basically a village in a snow biome. At last, a swamp/ocean village. All the houses can be on water and would most likely trade fishes, squid ink, or sugar. Sound off in the comments on what you think and what you can add to the idea!

I do wish that there were something livable in each biome. I mean, you can live in pyramids, plains villages, and even witches huts. It sorta makes jungles, oceans, forests, and snow biomes less worth exploring. What they SHOULD do is have Xmas villages in snow biomes, houses on top of jungle trees, small “player houses” in forests, and Lil’ Venice in the ocean. Now before you start barking up my tree with a caravel of complaints, let me remind you that Yogbox does that AND MORE. So, please take my idea into consideration.