Slime balls are one of the items in game that rarely see any use. Currently, their sole uses are just for sticky pistons and magma cream. So, why not add some more uses? I’ve been thinking, and here are a few of my ideas for how else they could be used.

-Right click a block with a slime ball in hand to make the side of the block you clicked become sticky. A greenish goo would appear on the block, and would cause players to move quite slowly when walking on it (slower than soul sand). To remove the slime AND get the slimeball back, you would have to use a shovel on it.

-Craft slimeballs with redstone dust to create “sticky redstone.” Sticky redstone could be stuck onto the bottoms and sides of blocks. This would help make redstone contraptions much simpler and more compact. The same could also be done to repeaters and comparators.

Those are the only ones I have at the moment. Now that I think about it more: It would be awesome for decoration and adventures maps and things, though I don’t think a 1:1 slimeball:slimeblock ratio is fair. Maybe two or three slimeballs could fill a bucket in a crafting table, and then one bucket of slime could place one tile of slime. But for the redstone idea: no. It wouldn’t make redstone much simpler and more compact, it would be more confusing and hard to work with because you have to think even more three-dimensionally then you already do.