There was a time when the land generation was founded on an algorithm that placed biomes ranging from hot to cold and dry to wet at the same time. This lead to very balanced, realistic looking maps that allowed you to effectively search for biomes since you just had to walk in a certain direction to eventually find a desert or a taiga biome.

Today, terrain generation seems to be completely random. Taiga and ice plains directly next to a desert or a jungle are a common sight, as well as supposedly dry biomes like deserts right next to swamps and jungles.

What I suggest: Reintroduce the rainfall/temperature-algorithm into the biome code.

What it will bring to the game: More balanced, realistic looking terrain that allows you to effectively search for certain biomes.

They should make every graphics-related element of the game editable without things like MCPatcher or OptiFine. Birch tree colors, water colors, swamp colors, potions and particles, spawn eggs, sheep fur, map colors, etc. As for lighting, having the ability to create an always-daylight custom lightmap may be a bad idea but at least allowing hue/saturation adjustment would be nice, if not brightness.

What do you guys think?