I think that more particle effects would make the game more “alive” for lack of a better word. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Flying Insects: Bugs will appear in swamp biomes.
  • Fireflies: It would be a rare particle effect that occurs on the edge of water touching land. Of course they would glow, but shine no light, kind of like spider eyes. Maybe you could catch them with a bottle for something like maybe potions.
  • Twirling Dust Particles (Dust Devils): They would occur in deserts.
  • Falling/Blowing Leaves
  • Blizzards: It would be crazy snowfall in snow biomes. There would be a different more menacing particle effect than regular snowflakes. Maybe cause a “frostbite” effect, where the edges of the screen look frozen, and it hurts like a poison effect. They should also have a windy sound to it.
  • Dust Storms: It would compensate for no rain in deserts. Pretty much a blizzard, but with dust particles instead.
  • Particle Block: Pretty much for creative mode, and you could edit it to have any particle effect you want to occur. It should have more particles in it like fireworks for pvp servers or whatever else. Trigger-able by redstone.