Ever since the Adventure Update, the night has become pretty easy to survive because your health regenerates and you can sprint. Yesterday we were playing on hard difficulty, walking through our home taiga biome, and we saw literally only two mobs for the entire night! A zombie and a spider! That is ridiculous for hard mode night time! We want either a new mob that can sprint as fast as you and attack in swarms or hordes, or an increased spawning rate for the surface world. We remember in 1.6 beta where you left your shelter to get some more wood just 5 blocks from your house, and get assaulted by endless waves of zombies, spiders, and skeletons. And that was that. We can deal with not as many creepers, but we want zombies to spawn like in pocket edition…with like 10 of them at one time. The outside should be hell at night. (not like the nether though)

And another thing: the nights should be determined by the moon state. The darker, more dangerous nights would be during a new moon, and you can’t see any moon at all. This would also lead to not being able to know when the night is over, or what time it is (without a clock, of course.) The brighter, less dangerous nights would be the full moons. Half moons, we think, should be the default.