Dinnerbone has recently announced that chickens will now need seeds instead of wheat to breed. Now this makes sense for a multitude of reasons. For one: chickens don’t eat wheat, they eat seeds. And even if you go all semantics on us and say that they eat food pellets and that they do not eat seeds, there is still the matter that food pellets look more like seeds and less like wheat.

But besides all of that, the real big change to all of this, the thing that is going to improve our lives for the better is that now we will not be wasting our wheat, which should be used for bread, on chickens. Also, bearing this in mind, you know all those thousands and thousands of seeds that you have laying around that you will never use because your farm is as big as you want it to be? Well, not you will have a use for these seeds.

Furthermore: It would be really nice if each animal was attracted to a different item, like pigs to carrots, chickens to seeds, sheep to wheat and cows to apples or sugar. Easier for selecting which mobs should follow you at any given time, and a nice touch to integrate various farms (like how you would need a wheat farm to breed sheep and chickens, but also a carrot farm to breed pigs and sugar cane or tree farm for cows).