So I was thinking about the possibility of maybe adding a decapitation enchantment to be able to get the heads off of mobs instead of them randomly dropping when killed like it is for the wither skeleton. This would be a good mechanic, I think, because it puts the control in the hands of the player, and not on a random dice roll. It rewards skill and discourages random grinding, which, we can all probably agree, is just no fun.

The addition, I am thinking, would make mob heads obtainable in survival and make it a challenge to get the heads for new players. Even with the enchantment it might be good to have a percentage chance for heads even dropping depending on the level of the enchantment.

Now I realize that decapitation might be to gruesome of a name, but I’m sure jeb or dinnerbone would come up with something better if that is the case. Perhaps it wouldn’t even need to be a visual event. It could just be : if the monster is killed with a headshot, then said monster will drop an item. Or, it could be, likst with the feature of blood, and option that can be either turned on or turned off. Other names people have suggested in my other thread was Vorpal, Beheading and Guillotine