My Nether Ideas:

  • Nether ores randomly within the netherrack. There’s 3 whole blocks in the nether excluding the random fortress, and only 2 of them are nether only. Gravel doesn’t match this environment… Nether ores can either be some wacky Netherzantium better or worse than diamond stuff, or just the overworld ores, shoved into a netherrack skin. Either would spice up this drab world.
  • Putting nine netherrack in a crafting table makes 1 netherbrick. The stuff is near useless in it’s current state. A garbage or scaffolding material really.
  • Nether warts only growing in the nether again. They are the fruit of the nether, making them grow in the overworld was nice for farming, but made no sense, and made the nether even MORE useless.
  • Water being allowed within the nether if placed in as ice only. Only allowed to flow two blocks from the source and is NEVER allowed to create additional source blocks. This allows multiple farms, and a full base to be up and running in the nether.
  • Anvils have better durability, and fix items for cheaper when placed in the nether. Maybe makes the anvil never break? The heat from the nether makes working with your tools easier.
  • Furnaces cook faster, or give better outputs when done in the Nether. The heat from the nether helps cook foods faster, and removes “Ingots” and such from their ores more purely (sometimes gives 2? 15% chance? higher lower?)
  • All overworld enemies spawn in the dark nooks and crannies of the Nether. They also give out slightly more exp. Or perhaps buffed up nether varients of them.
  • Zombie pigman should randomly, say 5% of the time, inflict poison due to their rottingness and the nether’s evil.