Today a Reditt user by the name of Wolfx brought up the conversation that pixel art is inferior to other types of Minecraft submissions. Wolfx stated that he always downvotes pixel art, and that pixel art is not for Minecraft. His argument was that “Minecraft allows people to unleash their creativity in a 3d in a fun way”. He thinks that making something that is only 2 dimensional is bad because Minecraft is a 3d game – that you should just go over Microsoft Paint and draw something. Another reason he does not like pixel art is that the art is never original, it is just someone who copied a currently existing picture and put it into Minecraft.

Now, there really isn’t anything bad about pixel art, in our opinion. We don’t like it, but that is not to say that no one can like it and that it crap. True, it would be better if people created their own images, but if someone has fun emulating another image, let them do it. But Wolfx was not exactly saying that no one can do pixel art, just that it should not be in the Miencraft sub Reditt. He gave a link to a Minecraft sub sub Reditt that is dedicated to pixel art, r/minecraftpixelart. Now, if anyone wants their pixel art to get looked at, it’s probably not a good idea to post their, because no one goes on there, or knows about it.