20 Apr

Minecraft is the Lego of our Generation

There is an interesting new project going on right now between Mojang and Lego. Minecraft Lego sets are in development. Mojang spokesman Daniel Kaplan tweeted “we are working directly with Lego to make this happen”. Mojang will make a one percent royalty from the profits.  Mojang has stated that they will donate this money to charity.

Minecraft Lego sets seems like a novel idea, but it also seems kind of gimmicky once the excitement set settles down. The Minecraft Lego sets could make out to be a good paperweight, at best. At this point in time we are faced with the question: ‘why not just play more Minecraft?’

Part of the magic of Minecraft is that it places players into a randomly generated open world environment and says “have fun”. This inevitably leads to the creation of buildings, statues, sweeping works of art and comedy, and whatever else the player can imagine. Minecraft is the Lego of our generation.

It’s actually kind of surprising that Lego wasn’t the one to make Minecraft. We must ask ourselves: what was Lego going for with those games they made? They weren’t creative in the least. They were just a Lego themed action adventure game where every once in a while the player would be required to hold down the A button while the avatar builds a scripted object out of some Legos laying around so he or she can advance down the linear hallway. But that’s the past, now there is Minecraft.


  • Why minecraft legos? because its just like minecraft, but in real life, with the blocks in your hands, acutally building it.

    • Can you build redstone circuits? Can you explore caves? Can you farm plants and animals? Can you have access to an unlimited amount of blocks for the price of a medium sized Lego set? I see your point, but it is not just like Minecraft.

      • Yes, their are LEGO robotics that literally let you you build a LEGO robot you can control. But for the rest of it no, but you can make real life human size replicas of anything you want with LEGOs.

  • No, LEGO is still the LEGO of our generation, it is still the best selling toy of all time, especially to adults. LGO has made plenty of creativce games, your limited knowlege of those games is coming across as arrogance mostly.

    • What Lego game truly captured the experience of playing Legos in real life?


So, what do you think?

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