23 Aug

New Blocks New Inventions

There have been a whole host of new blocks that have been added to Minecraft. Flowerpots and command blocks and beacon blocks. All of these things add new elements to the game that are unique to themselves. People have already started to come up with interesting innovations and have invented machines to exploit the properties of these new blocks. Now, does it give you a bonus using command blocks when entered correctly?Someone asked if using command blocks correctly will give you a bonus. The person who made this invention told this person that he is “very green when it comes to redstone so it does not yet do anything. My original idea was to have it award 30 levels of exp, in reference to the 30 lives that the code originally gave.”

And to this comment, this is what we have to say:  if you wanted to make this compact and nice, there would be a lot of complex redstone required.  The basic concept for this design is a minecart that goes down a rail to a detector rail connected to a command block. However, you have some unpowered booster rails along the way that stop the cart. When you press the right button, the rail is powered and the cart moves on. Each time you press a correct button, the cart moves up one segment of track. If you make this, it won’t be perfect, but it will work. It’s probably also a good idea to have the minecart loop back to the start, so you don’t have to reset it.

So, what do you think?

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