3 May

Minecraft SD Texture Pack: Dokucraft (Doku RPG)

Minecraft Texture Pack: Dokucraft RPG

One of the most longstanding Minecraft texture packs, Doku RPG (now named Dokucraft) has been out for about as long as custom textures were supported by Notch himself. As you can see, the object of the texture pack was to add an RPG-Stylization to the game, and it really adds its own flair to all the objects. Your home fortress may have never looked so awesome before Dokucraft got involved — even the doors feel like they’re probably from a pre-millenium RPG.

Doku, the man behind the pack, created three skin versions for his texture pack: Light, Dark and High. The Light Pack is the pictured original, while Dark changes the color pitches of everything to be gloomy and desaturated. High, on the other hand, features an elvish blue theme with ornate gold plugged in to a lot of the objects and blocks. The texture pack is completely updated for 1.5, and you can download it here.

Here’s a sneak peak — with an old-game-style soundtrack to match — of the texture pack for your consideration:


  • scroll to the top of the screen and you will see a big green “FREE DOWNLOAD” button press it. if you still cannot find it you are a FCKING IDIOT ok

    • well i must b one coz i cant find it and ive ben looking for 20 mins

    • where??? theres nothing in there!!!

  • how do i get this there should be somthing turning some mobs into soldiers

  • how to download it

  • um how the f do i download it

    • I would suggest the big “Download Now” button, but that’s just me.

      • Uh, i don’t know where you’re seeing a big download now button. you should lay off the shrooms.

    • you’re a fail nat, i think you press that big button which says DOWNLOAD but i don’t know

  • Theres no water or lava????

    • Did you watch the video? There’s water… and we can only assume lava, in the places where you’d normally find it.

      • theres no lava or water in 1.7, you need a patcher

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