20 Apr
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Minecraft High Definition Texture Packs

So you’ve decided on a texture pack but you’re a little stuck. The texture pack you’ve picked out looks great, but it’s labelled “HD” and requires some sort of extra program you have to run to get it to work. What gives?
Standard Definition texture packs, or SD texture packs, are what Minecraft was designed for. By default, Minecraft runs on a 16×16 texture pack, which means that each texture and item in the game is 16 pixels tall by 16 pixels wide. This size was a hardcoded limitation in the game’s engine for a long while, and going beyond this limit was absolutely impossible. Some artists embraced this limitation and did their best to impart a personality and a story in each one of the pixels, since they certainly couldn’t make it any more realistic or sharp. Texture packs continued in this way for quite some time.
But some people don’t want Minecraft to look like Minecraft, and they don’t want stylized graphics. Some people want the world to look like real life, except in blocky format. They want to be able to feel like they’re really in a blocky world where they can build and explore and fight in a giant sandbox, and it sucked to be those guys.
Or at least it did, until MCPatcher’s creation.
MCPatcher is the most famous and most widely-used patchers in the game’s history, allowing both for higher resolution textures packs to be used and for players to download and use one of multiple game modifications that game fans have created. Since MCPatcher’s creation, texture packs have gone significantly beyond 16×16 to 128×128, 246×246, and even 512×512, creating nearly photorealistic worlds for you to explore in all its blocky goodness.
If you’re a connoiseur of truly astounding graphics, or you just want to experience firsthand the bizarrely beautiful mixture of blocky chunks and great graphics, high definition Minecraft might just be for you. Check out the official Minecraft wiki, Planet Minecraft, or MinecraftSandbox.com for some examples of high-definition texture packs. There’s a lot of variety in the packs, although they do tend towards different interpretations of photorealism. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re almost spoiled for choice.

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