2 May

Minecraft HD Texture Pack: Scribblecraft

Minecraft Texture Pack: Scribblecraft

This is a hand drawn 128×128 Minecraft texture pack that adds a really neat, personalized look and makes for a surprisingly smooth appearance throughout the world. All the landscape items are in super scribbly form, and even the floating item images look like they were scribbled down in pen. The author is still working on armour and such, but for the most part the entire texture pack is sure to leave you feeling like you’re living in an inked world. Just beware, creepers will still blow up your stuff like it was paper mache!

Here’s a quick video of the texture pack installed so you can get a better idea of how it will look:

You can download the texture pack here, as well as take a look at more screenshots and the like. If you like the idea of a hand-drawn world, this is definitely one Minecraft texture pack you could get used to using for a long, long time.


  • hey, just to make sure before i download, did he/she do the mobs?

  • how do u get this texture pack or u can’t

    • It helps to read. There is a link.

  • Wow its the thing that everyone wants but no- one thought about!

  • that is awesome!

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