22 Dec
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Minecraft Wrapping Paper!

Minecraft wrapping paper is now available at Jinx.com. There are two different types of wrapping paper available: cobblestone and diamond. For the best effect, wrap your present in a box (box not included). The wrapping paper is offered at a price of $8.

The wrapping paper has received generally positive feedback, as many people have said that they think this is the best idea ever. Some people don’t even plan on using it to wrap presents; some will use it as wall paper, or as a pillow to sleep with (kind of weird). More types of wrapping paper are in high demand.

Some people have expressed interest in the product but have lamented about how much it costs. Another criticism is that the wrapping paper does not come in a roll, which is easier to wrap presents in.

Minecraft wrapping paper is a good idea, but anyone who has been on the Minecraft reditt page would know that people have been making their own wrapping paper all season. Some people think that handmade wrapping paper is more genuine than something that is manufactured. Part of the magic of Minecraft is how crafty the game is. Everything is made by hand in Minecraft; shouldn’t we do the same in real life?

So, what do you think?

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