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Skins in Minecraft

If you’re looking to change your player skin, you can download the default player skin file from the Minecraft profile page. This page should look familiar- it’s the same page that lets you change your default email. It’s named “char.png”, and it’s a regular, openable file that you can modify with the paint program of your choice. It’s the simplicity and ease of use, in fact, that led directly to the massive number of custom skins and the multiplicity of skin-downloading sites.

If you choose to download a custom skin, you’ve got a lot to pick from. You can visit The Skindex (at www.minecraftskins.com), one of the largest minecraft skins sites on the internet, where you can browse over 20,000 skins uploaded by other Minecrafters. If that’s not to your liking, you could always try Skincache.com, or Planet Minecraft’s skin section (planetminecraft.com/resources/skins). Rounding out the mix is the site “Miners Need Cool Shoes” (www.minershoes.com), which offers an online skin editing suite alongside its user galleries.

For those among us who are blessed with artistic talents, there are more than enough ways to make one’s own. If you’re just starting out, a utility like SkinEdit (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/3796-skinedit-new-version-13-april-alpha-3-pre-7/) could do the trick. It’s one of the most popular skin-editing programs for Minecraft, and with good reason. It’s a fully functional painting program with undo, redo, color pickers, color savers, and brush sizes. It has a built in burn and dodge function, giving you an easy way to create shading and break up monotonous color blocks. And most importantly, SkinEdit has a real-time skin previewer built in which shows you exactly how your skin will look in game, saving you the trouble of having to load your skin to Minecraft and look at yourself every time you make a change. If you like to keep it simple, however, you can get away with nothing more complex than your favorite image editor and a utility like Minecraft Skin Viewer (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/274120-net-minecraft-skin-viewer-beta-08-03-08-04/).

One last thing- you might hear somebody talk about “block skins” or “item skins.” While technically these are skins, you’ll typically see them referred to as textures, and groups of custom textures as “texture packs” to avoid confusion with player and monster skins. These texture packs change the look of the items, blocks, sky and interface of the game. Many of them also change the default player skin, as well as the look of some of the monsters. Texture packs tend to acquire a fairly large following, and asking a dozen players what the best texture pack is will leave you with a dozen results. It’s really all personal preference, since the texture pack you choose has no impact on what other players see. Try a couple of them out, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Here’s a selection of our favorite Minecraft skins. We’ll be adding skins as we find more we like. Feel free to leave a comment below if there are any you’d like to bring to our attention. Go here if you need help installing Minecraft skins.

If you have a skin you’d like featured, leave a comment below with a link to it for our review.

Minecraft Skin: Tony Montana

If you’re a fan of the movie Scarface, you’ve gotta check this skin out.  It’s Tony Montana in his one of a kind white suit with the red shirt as seen in the image below:

Tony Montana Minecraft SkinSay hello to my little friend, and download this awesome Minecraft Skin here.

Minecraft Skin: RYU from Street Fighter

I played a whole lot of Street Fighter as a kid… So this skin caught my eye and quickly became one of my favorites.

RYU Minecraft SkinDon’t make me uppercut you. Download this Minecraft Skin here.

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