13 Aug
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Save Your Skin

Everyone loves Steve, Steve is the master miner who conquers the denizens of Minecraft and creates a world from nothing. Well, most everyone loves Steve, he can mine with the best of them. Although, he looks a little plain. Have you been on a server lately? Everyone looks amazing… and Steve, well Steve is trying his hardest. It is time to change that everyday appearance to something that is more you.

Changing your skin is yet another way to customize your Minecraft. The best part is there are literally thousands of skins to choose from. The hardest part of the whole process is in fact picking out which skin you would like to live in. Will you be a mighty warrior, a superhero, or your favorite anime character? The choices are nearly limitless and are super easy to change. Once you have made your selection, download the file.

Once you have your skin picked out, head over to Mojang at Minecraft.net/profile.

Log in to your account

Choose the “Choose File” and select the skin you downloaded

Hit the Upload button

Congratulations, you have just saved your skin. That was it. Pretty simple, huh? Remember, you can repeat this process as often times as you want. Your skin is another way to identify yourself in game. There are skins for everyone. You can choose a fantasy theme, popular game or television characters, or even choose to blend in with the monster crowd.

Steve does a great job building and surviving in the world of Minecraft. Steve has gone a long way. However, you are you, not Steve. It is time for you to customize your look and build your own world. Share your skin with the world on a server or stick to single player. The skin your in is just another way to be yourself in Minecraft.

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