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Installing Minecraft Skins

So you’ve read up about what skins are and if you stare at “Steve?”‘s stupid blue shirt one more time you’re going to scream. Clearly, you’re ready to change your skin. But how?

It’s easier than you might think. There are three easy steps to looking and feeling like a brand new Minecrafter.

Step one: Get a new Minecraft skin
Step one is probably the hardest step of all, mostly because there are so many choices. For every Minecrafter you ask where the best skins are to be had, there are a dozen different answers. “Skindex, of course,” says one guy. “Create your own,” says another. “Ask somebody on the forums,” says the last guy. Which one is right?

Well, all of them, depending on what you’re looking for. Browsing through skins online is a bit like looking for a diamond in the rough. You’ll scour the archives, sifting through mediocre skin after mediocre skin until you find the perfect skin. Depending on the site’s layout and popularity, it can take a while and it might not even happen. But it can be worth it in the end when you finally snag the skin of your dreams.

If you’re patient and don’t mind being misinterpreted, you can always either wait for a skin artist on one of Minecraft’s many forums to make a custom skin for you. Every so often, a bored pixel artist will offer their services in a first-come, first-served basis and if you’re lucky enough, you could be one of the proud bearers of a unique, excellent looking skin. On the other hand, since the artists don’t owe you anything, they’re very likely to disappear into the ethers, leaving you with an art-shaped hole in your heart.

Lastly, you can try and make your own skin. Go to your Minecraft profile page (www.minecraft.net/profile, if you’ve never been) and download the char.png reference. If you’ve never worked with pixel art before, creating your own skin is time-consuming, difficult, and mentally demanding. Even if you have, texturing is hard work. It could be hours before you’re satisfied, and you might not artistically capable of creating a skin that you’re happy with. You might be left with no other choice but to go back onto one of the sites or to the forums, and either beg for an artist or hope that you can find your goal on one of the many skin websites.

Step Two: Install it
Luckily for you, once you’ve gotten the skin your job is practically over. You’ll be able to install your skin in nearly seconds using your Minecraft profile, found helpfully at www.minecraft.net/profile. Under the section entitled “Change Skin,” click the big Browse button, and upload the .png image that’s based off the downloadable reference skin to the server. Once you’ve done that, congratulations! You’re practically done. If there are any error messages, or your skin fails to upload, try logging out of your Minecraft account and logging in again, or try re-downloading the skin from the source.

Step Three: Enjoy!
Assuming everything went as planned, you should now be the proud new owner of a custom Minecraft player skin. Wasn’t that easy?

If you’re still wondering how to install a Minecraft Skin, here’s a great tutorial video that explains everything we have described above:

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