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Single Player Vs Multi Player

Single Player Vs Multi Player
singleplayClink! Your mining has finally uncovered the elusive diamond. As you gather your riches, a low hiss comes from behind you. A flash of red and you start back at your meager homestead. Single player Minecraft can be infuriating as much as it can be fun. While you have unlimited time and expanse to explore and create, is there a benefit to playing with others?

Multiplayer adds a depth of playstyle to the game. You have two options, essentially. You can play with others via LAN network or you can join a server. When you use LAN, think of having a two player game. You both share in the conquest of finding diamonds, building a survival homestead and taking down those endermen.   This is as close to the single player experience as you can get, but with the added benefit of someone watching your back.

Another option is to join a server. Minecraft servers come in all shapes and sizes. They truly explore the expanse and limits of the game. They break the traditional survival/creative styles and throw you together with untold people. Explore vast towns, spend time trying to steal other peoples sheep, play hide and seek. Some Minecraft servers are host to hundreds of mini games that pit you versus your friends or creative competitions.

So which is better, single or multi? There is no true answer there. Both offer a great way to enjoy a game. As long as you are having fun, it is the only thing that matters. So get out there, build your own paradise, or bring along a friend. If you are feeling brave, go try run of the dragon. Regardless of how you choose to play the game, Minecraft is a game that truly offers something for everyone.

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