12 Sep
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Power of Voting

modsIf you play on any Minecraft server, the chances are they have some sort of voting system put into place. Voting is a very important part of playing on servers for two reasons. The first is that it helps the server you are playing on, and the second is that it can grant you a lot of resources. Here is a brief overlook at how to vote and why you should vote every single day.

Most servers have some form of currency. This can either be in a server base currency such as dollars or gems, or it can be in rarer materials like diamonds. Whichever form of currency is available, that currency can be used to enhance your game play or give you an edge over the competition. Voting will more than likely give you this form of currency or a few other perks. For instance, on a faction’s server, you may get random chests that give you rare materials, spawners or enchantments.

Voting helps your server out in a few ways. Mostly because it enters that server into the ranking system. They higher they are ranked the more players you will have, the more money they can make and the more awesome they can make the servers. It is also a measure of brand loyalty. If you are playing their server for free, wouldn’t you want to help them in any way possible?

Most voting is fairly easy and gives directions right there. Find the vote link and click on it. Once you navigate to the link, enter your username and whatever captcha rubric they have. The whole process should take less than thirty seconds. How easy was that? Simple right? So for a few moments of your time, you have helped the server out and helped yourself out. Talk about a win-win.

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