17 Aug
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Mini Games and Communities

Are you tired of losing your diamond armor by accidently falling into lava? Does the ender dragon offer you no more challenge? Then it is time to get into the world of Minecraft servers. Servers truly push the limits of what Minecraft can do. They provide an MMO setting without the monthly subscription fees. Some of them even offer a classic MMO style game play where you can join with your friends against the masses.

MiniGamesDo you recall the fun you used to have playing Hide and Seek? What about Hungry Hungry Hippos? Some Minecraft servers host a horde of mini games that keep you on your toes. Whether you are trying to escape the dragon or battling your fellow player to the death, mini games can create hours of fun. You may even get a reward or two while you are out there, adding another element of fun. You can even check out games where you compete in creativity.

Of course, servers do not just give you a sense of fun, they offer a community. With no monthly fees, you can invite all of your friends to join you. You may also find new friends as you explore the vast realms of Minecraft. Most servers have a forum or some other way to keep in touch with your new found friends or you could always start talking over skype. However, you choose to keep contact, the community is always waiting for you.

If your digital arm ever gets tired of swinging a pickax, try out a Minecraft server. The versatility across the Minecraft Multiverse has a lot to offer. Whether you find a favorite mini game to dominate in or just find a community where you click, Minecraft servers add a great dynamic to a wonderful game.

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