13 Oct

Villagers Need To Be Smarter

k guys, so the idea is the same as the title says. I have created a new minecraft survival world, and spawned close enough (less than 100 blocks) to a sandstone village. Very happy, i built my house and etc. But yesterday, I noticed how dumb the villagers are. I had at least 10 villagers, yesterday i had 2. Luckly, they made a baby, a librarian baby. A bit after that, another villager was born. But the next night, BAM they’re gone. I suppose that one problem might be that they let monsters enter their houses (0_0), leading to suicide. I had to fight 2 monsters, a zombie and a skeleton in villagers houses. I am not in hard, so doors don’t break. And I also saw a villager going straight to a cactus, and not moving to the side. I had to destroy the cactus by myself. Population 1 night: 2 blacksmiths, and more villagers. Next night: NO BLACKSMITH.

I have no programming skills (well, a bit in python, but not in java) so i have no idea if it is hard to fix. But they need to be fixed! iI hope this text was clear, and that you understand what i mean. Thank you, and i hope you support my suggestion. Goodbye sirs.


So, what do you think?

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