27 Mar

A Sticky Block

I think it would be cool if there were a block that worked similar to the way sticky pistons do, but which stuck to all adjacent blocks automatically and like, like, moving a sticky block with a piston, moves all the blocks stuck to it. I think this would open up a lot of cool possibilities with pistons.

another possible use for the sticky block, would be to have it interact with entities as well. Maybe make it so that any entity which touches it, including the player, becomes stuck to it. you could release the entities by punching it, similar to how you can punch redstone ore to make it glow. or maybe a redstone signal unsticks it.

Maybe you could even make it similar to stairs, so depending on how you placed it, some sides could be sticky and others might not be.

Even if a use for it is not immediately apparent to you, I really think that more blocks with unique physics are a good addition, and that some one will undoubtedly find a cool use for them eventually, probably in a way we never could have anticipated. the fact that minecraft is so open with its mechanics, that its users can come up with designs and uses for existing blocks that were never even considered by its creators, is part of what makes it so great to me!

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