23 Feb
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New Updates

Jeb released the newest snapshot to day of the upcoming update earlier today. As seen in the picture in this article, it appears that upside down stairs have been added. Some people that were allowed to test the new update beta test have said the following about what needs to be fixed which has been added.

The new mob does not have an egg. When a player places eggs, the mobs will make a noise, which is not a feature that happened in the past. Mobs placed on Peaceful will make a noise but will not appear. The new mob does not care if you attack villagers. The new mob is a defender which appears in villages – it looks kind of like a golem shaped like a robot. The defender, while created to protect villagers from zombies, will kill all enemy mobs. If you kill this new mob, it will drop a lot of iron and other stuff. Not all of the villages have a defender mob. All zombies are afraid of the new mob. Defenders have a lot of health; they take 15 diamond sword hits to kill. If a village has two defenders, one will not care if you attack the other. Defenders hold roses. Defenders can be crafted by placing a T-shape of iron blocks topped by a pumpkin.

That’s all folks!

So, what do you think?

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