29 Jan
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New Cat Mob

For the past few days we have been talking about the new mob that is being added to Minecraft in the next update. The first few articles we released just mentioned that were was going to be a mob. Then we speculated that it could be a cat, after viewing the weekly snapshot that hinted at the new mob. Well, now the true identity of the new tamable mob is official. The new mob is the ocelot, a cat like creature that kind of looks like a cougar.

Now, if you are not yet aware of the specific details of this mob, you are not alone. All we know as of this point is that it is possible to tame the mob and that it is only available if you go to the jungle biome. There has been speculation as to how the mob will be tamed. The best theories so far that have been postulated by the community are that the cat will be tamed if you present it with some fish.

It is unknown what the actual use of the mob will be. A quick quests would have us thinking that the ocelot does the same thing that the wolf does, and that it is just an option for those who want a hunting partner who are also cat lovers. Whatever they do, they are still pretty cute.

1 Comment

  • They’re going to be used to scare creepers

So, what do you think?

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