23 Jan
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Minecraft 1.1 Mods

Convincing yourself that there is always something more to learn, something new to be explored, even if it seems untrue. Minecraft was updated about a week ago, and already we have seen bug fixes made by Mojang that were identified by the community. This is typical with most games, actually. But the interesting part is how fast the updates are identified and fixed. Anyway, Minecraft is a game that we can expect to be updated on a regular basis for the foreseeable future. We have already covered all of the updates to the game as far as content and bugs go, but what about the new mods that are available for Minecraft 1.1?

Well, there is a little something for everyone. Have you ever wanted to enhance you gaming experience by way of improved sound simulations? For that, there is no better option than the Matmos Environmental Sound Simulator mod. This mod can be downloaded here. This game adds sounds that are custom made like no other sound mod. And while we are talking about enhancements, let’s talk about the Water Shader Mod. It is a really good mod, and it can be downloaded here.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the amount of mods that are available to you. This will be a new series, so keep your eyes open for new mods that may interest you.



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