19 Jan
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Jungle Biomes!

Today a Jeb announced something that is of great interest to anyone who follows the development of Minecraft. The announcement was made on Jebs twitter account. It featured a picture of a lush jungle with trees that featured a new type of log, which vines grew over. In this announcement Jeb said “green jungle is green”. So far nothing else besides these details that were just revealed in the earlier sentences has been released yet. There is a lot of mystery as to what the new biome will be like.

As of now, we know for sure that there will be very tall tree canopies, with small canopies as well. The geography of the jungle biome appears to be very hilly, but not like a rolling type of hill, but jagged and interesting. There are lower layer trees as well. Basically, it is just one hugely dense forest that features the grass color that was in the original Minecraft. You know that really bright grass?

As of now, we can only wait until the jungle biome is released. But while we wait, we can wait in anticipation of the fact that at least one new mob has been announced. The mob that has been revealed to the players is monkeys. That’s right, monkeys! What will they do? No one knows.

So, what do you think?

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