26 Dec
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Hopes For The Next Update

Part of the magic of Minecraft is that the players can literally create their own ‘Lego specialty pieces’ via modding; that many people can play Minecraft because of its low end graphics (although fans of the game will argue in favor of the atheistic beauty of the game). Anybody can get into Minecraft and it can take any form.

The next update should not consist of more content but two things: a user friendly mod interface and optimized code. Mods are great for those who know how to use them – it can completely change the game and make it more interesting. A user friendly mod interface is desperately needed for vanilla Minecraft. The game has a lot of memory leaks. It’s a shame Mojang hasn’t optimized the code yet. This is the price of regular content updates. We have been given enough for now. Minecraft and the Minecraft experience, in short, should be made more accessible to players.

In an interview with Jeb, it was established that he will be working on the Mod interface. Jeb said that we can count on the interface being released “no sooner than March”.

For those in favor of more content updates, you are asked to consider this question: won’t a modding interface expand the content available to you more than any content update ever will? For a taste of some of the mods that are available to players, peruse this site.

So, what do you think?

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