13 Dec
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Brewing Stands Replace Cauldrons in Beta 1.9 Pre-Release 2

Cauldrons are a block that was added in Beta 1.8.  They can be filled with water using a bucket. Their original function was to be used for brewing potions.  However, due to the feedback by players about the troublesome system of brewing potions with the cauldron, Jeb replaced the Cauldron with the Brewing Stand in version 1.9. Cauldrons are now only used to store water; each cauldron can hold up to three blocks of water. Cauldrons can be made in the crafting bench by placing iron blocks in the formation of the letter U.

The Brewing Stand is the official crafting bench of the new alchemy component that has been added to Minecraft. Brewing stands can be made by placing three cobblestone blocks under a Blaze Rod. Blaze rods are dropped by the blaze mob, which are found in nether fortresses.  With the Brewing Stand you can use bottles to mix ingredients into potions with effects. There are a total of 19 potion effects. Some of these effects are positive, such as speed, jump boost and invisibility; some of these effects are negative, such as blindness, hunger, and instant damage. These negative effects can be made useful by turning the potion into a splash potion. This change is made by combining a potion with gunpowder. Note: some enemies are immune to certain negative effects, but you will just have to find out which ones the hard way :P.


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