13 Feb
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Animal AI Changes

In a recent twitter update, Jeb announced that, “To avoid having to maintain old code I’m moving remaining animals into new AI system today.” The following conversation on Reditt had many people talking about the previous inadequacies of the animal AI system.

Someone was hopeful that animals will stop pretending to be fish. Another person hoped that animals will stop blocking rails or that the minecarts kills the animals on impact. People agreed that the latter was the better suggestion, and cited that an iron minecart going almost 30km/h should not bounce off of chickens, it should kill them. Someone argued that chickens might not get killed by minecarts because they are made out of diamond, but that is silly. Everyone knows we can kill chickens with out bare fists, and that means they are not diamond, because you need iron tools to break diamond.

Someone noted however that a lot of the changes that are going to be made are in the interface of the AI system itself, which will open the door to a wider range of possibilities for the future. What will the developers do with this new found range in behavior options? We will wait and see.

So, what do you think?

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