16 Apr
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The Sky Dimension

Well that sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? For those of you that are familiar with the earlier versions of the game, you will recognize the sky dimension as the floating islands map generation option. The Sky Dimension is an upcoming new dimension that will be released in a future update.

This dimension was planned to be released for the adventure update, but it was not ready at the time. Instead The End was created.

Notch, in a live webcast on a Swedish gaming sit, said this about the Sky Dimension:  it would “probably be a dream world” and when “you go to bed there is a certain chance that you get dragged into the dream world instead. Then you will be able to do it on purpose later on…”

But Notch did not confirm the Sky Dimension until much later in a Tweet posted on Notches Twitter  “And because PC Gamer made such a big deal of the Sky Dimension, I guess I’ll have to finish it. Consider it confirmed.”

And now we are left to sit and speculate on what this mysterious dream world will be like. What kind of enemies will there be? What kind of new blocks and items will we be able to find. We will just have to wait and see.

1 Comment

  • wouldnt that be annoying every time you sleep you go into the sky dimension

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