15 Feb
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Psychonauts 2 Update

Last week we told you about a new development in the video gaming industry – that Markus ‘Notch “Persson, creator of Minecraft, has plans to fund a sequel for Psychonauts 2. At the time, it was all speculation, no promises were made. Tim Schafer, the lead developer of the original psychonauts, tweeted that he would love to make a sequel to the game, but he would need at least a million dollars. Now, this pipe dream turned into news when Notch replied to the tweet and said ““Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen.” and after that tweeted “I’m serious”.

The new development in this story is that Tim Schafer said “I was like, ‘I don’t think you can make [it] for a million dollars”. The original game was, I think, $13 million, I think you have to match the original game”. As soon as Tim mentioned the amount of money Notch said, ‘Yeah, I can do that”.

So, now that Notch has officially stopped development on Minecraft and handed it over to Jeb, it looks like Notch is now going into a little bit of philanthropy. And if Notch continues to revive games like Psychonauts, we are so OK with that. Are you?

So, what do you think?

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