30 Jul

Minecraft Brings People Together

Minecraft is always bringing people together. It is one of its greatest virtues. This can be proven in the fact that the multiplayer aspect of the game is all there is now. There is no single player option anymore – it just runs via the multilayer option.

This is the story of two brothers with very different personalities. One of them a book work nerd of 16 and the other an athletic skater of 13. The two never got along, and when they finally moved out as they got older, they figured there would be no reason to ever talk to one another.

But that all changed when the 16 year old walked past the room of the 13 year old and saw him playing Minecraft, a game he is all too familiar with. Flash forward thirty minutes and the two are playing Splitscreen Minecraft on the 360 and they are talking and working together and not annoying each other and generally not doing any of the things that make them get along usually.

So, if you ever find yourself in a situation with someone that you do not get along with, make sure to pop in a game of Minecraft and play it with them. It just might makes things a little better between each other.

So, what do you think?

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