13 Apr
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Water Irrigation in Minecraft

In the game of Minecraft, there are many things that you will need to do and many things that you will need to attain and create. There is a varying degree of skill that is involved in all these tasks. Some of them are easier to discover than others. Water source blocks and buckets are the topic of today’s discussion.

Water acts like pudding. It will flow down 8 blocks from a source block and stop unless there is a slope. Water does not exactly “flow” – there are just different degrees of curved water that propel the player forward.

Water is needed in a lot of situations, but it is especially necessary when one takes on the project of creating a farm. Sometimes you will need many source blocks to hydrate dirt blocks. The number you need will depend on how big your farm is and what type of plant you are going to farm. Water hydrates soil four blocks away on either side, making an 8X8 square around it (beside the middle block which is filled with water). One can gain an unlimited amount of water with just two source blocks. This is performed by taking advantage of the fact that if two source blocks flow into each other, it creates a water source block in the middle.

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