14 Apr
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Transportation in Minecraft

What is adventure if not to connect feet with the environment? Minecraft sparks a sense of adventure in people. The joys of roaming the rolling hills and cavernous crevasses of Minecraft are surpassed only by roaming the rollings hills and cavernous crevasses of real life. But a lot of us don’t have time for that kind of a life style, so Minecraft will suffice our vagabond desires.

There are many servers that employ plug-ins that allow the player to warp to spawn and warp to home – some servers even have lists of a dozen or more warps. It is unarguable to say that this can be convenient when the development of a server is spread out far away. But there is something to be lost when playing this way; we are disconnected from the environment.

Imagine that you are on the Drug Lords server, and you are a grower. You have just warped to spawn from your secret farm and have sold your drugs in the sewer. You exit the sewer and a cop notices you, (s)he is ready to follow you from a distance to your farm, but you warp to home instead. How is the cop supposed to bust you if you do not connect with the environment?

The use of these plug-ins represent a lacking in Minecraft – of a player-made fast travel system that is actually useful. Until Mojang satisfies this need, these disconnecting plug-ins will not go away.

So, what do you think?

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