6 Apr
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Ender Dragon Strategy

OK, so you have played a lot of Minecraft. You have attained your first diamonds to mine obsidian. You have made a portal to the nether and found a fortress and killed the blazes and taken their powder. You have mixed this with ender pearls and the path to a stronghold was revealed to you. You have made it to the end, and are now fighting the dragon.

The fight seems to take a long time to beat him. It is almost boring to do it, many have comented. So, is there any way to successfully kill the dragon faster? Yes there is, and the answer is beds. When the ender dragon is sweeping in on you, sleep in a bed. It will explode and take down the dragons health by about an eight.

Some people have commented that this kind of ruins the end fight. That the player should best the dragon with his own two hands. But how far does this argument go? Are swords and bows ruining it? Should we not limit ourselves in what we can kill with? Why should there be a loss in honor by defeating the ender dragon by sleeping in our beds?

So, what do you think?

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