30 Jan
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Do Cats Act Like Cats?

With the addition of a tamable cat mob, otherwise known as the ocelot, to Minecraft, many cat lovers are feeling overjoyed. They are happy that they will finally be able to pal around with their favorite animal in the world. However, being a cat person also means that they know how cats act. Some people on a Reddit thread have lamented in the fact that the cats do not exactly act like cats, and that they suffer from some of the same defects that wolves did. These defects basically amount to the animal killing themselves and breaking the heart of their owner. Now, these are things that can be fixed, but the cat behavior in general is not very cat like.

The argument that was made is that cats are not pack animals that they do not follow their owner around like a dog does. They gave a solution for your tamed ocelot to become more territory oriented. It was thrown out that the claiming of territory could involve some sort of urinary system. Other people suggested a more pragmatic method, and said that the cat could just hang around a certain distance from the bed.

It should be noted that the ocelot is not a domesticated cat, and follows this behavioral pattern.

So, what do you think?

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