5 Apr
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Cut Trees Like A Master

You think you’re so cool because you punched down a tree with your bare fists, don’t you? This is only the beginning, young grass hopper. For the secrets of woodcutting are long and large, they span the shadows of the forest, the emptiness of a pocket of air in the middle of the earth, and the air that breathes you. To master the art of woodcutting, one must look to these places, and explore experiment, play around.

First thing first is to learn how to grow trees. When you punched down your first tree, you must have noticed that the leaf blocks disappeared and occasionally dropped a green and brown floating entity. These are saplings. Plant these saplings and go along with your woodcutting. You see, the first rule to woodcutting is to always replant the trees that you cut down – better yet, plant more!

At this point in your life as a woodcutter, you will start to appreciate things a little more than you did before. The gentle breeze against your skin while walking down a field during sunrise will become as palpable as those bruises on your knuckles used to be.

Before we leave you to your mastery of woodcutting, young grass hopper, we leave you with one last parting of advice: never stop hopping in the grass.

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