4 Apr
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Why is Minecraft Popular?

A lot of people like to play Minecraft. The game has become a global phenomenon that has changed the gaming industry forever. But have you ever sat down to ask yourself, “just what is it that makes this game different from the rest?”. Is it the mining portion of the game? Or the crafting?

I mean, people are drawn to the game for its adventure dynamics, but it would be hard to say that the game lasted this long because of the adventuring and mining components of the game. Surly, the ultimate merit of Minecraft rests in the crafting part of the game. This is the conduit to which people express themselves creatively.

But, delving into this topic, it is hard to say that this is the most efficient way to create things. Surly there must be a better way to build whatever we want. But perhaps it is not efficiency of it, perhaps it is the intimacy. But either way that you look at it, this is a popular game the world over. Either way you answer these questions, it can be assured that sometimes the most popular thing is not the best thing, just the most popular. Can you agree to this?

So, what do you think?

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