25 Mar
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Weepimg Angles on Minecraft

Do any of you know about the Weeping Angles mod for Minecraft? It’s a mod that adds a new mob to the single player component of the game that is based of an old movie. So, the mob is basically kind of like Enderman, in that their aggression is activated by looking at them. Although, with this mob, they are activated by NOT looking at them. Get this, if you see a Weeping Angle, do not look away. If you look away they will move up closer to you and kill you.

Now, this mod that adds this mob has been out for a while, but the news here is that someone would like the mod to be added for Multiplier, which it is not currently available for.

The suggestion did not get very good feedback, as it would mean that every player in a server would be required to download the mod in order to play on the server.

This brings up an interesting point. What happens when the mod API comes out? Modding will become more prevalent and people will be required to download a lot of mods in order to play on servers. Let us just hope that the mod API is really easy to use, because there are a lot of cool mods out there, and not a lot of time to play them.Wee

So, what do you think?

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