10 Mar
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The Secret is Confirmed: Mincecraft

As many of you may know, a few days ago Notch hinted at a secret that no one has found in an interview he had on GDC. The resulting fallout that followed resulted in the engagement of the entire Minecraft community to stop at nothing, and we mean nothing, to figure out what the mysterious secret was. It did not take long to find out. The secret is that every time a player opens up Minecraft, there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of the title being Mincecraft instead of Minecraft. Yes, this is a very Minor secret that is not a very big deal. And, that was sort of the point.

For a while, it was thought that this might not be  the secret, people hoped that it would be something different, something coolers. But, Notch, living up to his reputation as a part of the community he has made, confirmed that the Mincecraft secret is indeed what he was talking about. In his post, which can be read in full here, he explained that he wanted to know something that the players did not know. He said that he learned that it is possible to hide stuff if people don’t know something is hidden. And that people want to get excited over things, even if you tell them it’s nothing major.

So, what do you think?

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