31 Dec
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The Future of Minecraft Part 2!

This is the second installment in the ongoing series of confirmed future updates.

Imagine that you are in real life and you are adventuring in some woods in a mountain and you walk down to the valley on the other side of the mountain and you run into a dessert. You turn around because there is nothing for you in this biome.

In the future, the player will “have more reasons for going to specific biomes”.

Imagine that while you are in Minecraft and you are adventuring in a special new biome gathering area specific items for your crafting, and you stumble upon a ravine. You want to cross the ravine. In old Minecraft you would have made an ugly dirt bridge to the other side. Now, with the zip line you will be able to throw an aesthetically pleasing zip line to the other side of the ravine to pass to the other side.

Another confirmed fact for the future of Minecraft is portable fireplaces/campfires.  What will be the function of these fireplaces/campfires? It’s anyone’s guess, but it sounds like a fun way to immerse the player further into the environment of their adventures. More things are to come in this series.

So, what do you think?

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