19 May
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Rare Ore

Instead of dropping ingots or other items, this rare ore would only drop experience–and a lot of it.


Puts more “Mine” into “Minecraft”
Gives joy to those wanting more rare ores
Shouldn’t upset those who complained about the initial the rarity of emeralds
Pretty swell for mapmakers
More use out of silk-touch


Changing the terrain generation once again

Additional, Optional Suggestions:

Color it white
Make it really soft, mineable with any pickaxe
Alternatively, make it really hard, mineable only with diamond pickaxe
Make it biome-specific, like how emeralds currently are exclusive to extreme hills
Spawns in clumps of one or two
Spawns around other ores
Make it glow

So, watching someone (attempt) to kill the Enderdragon with fishing rods today, I thought of this. What if, when you hooked onto an entity (mobs, minecarts, etc) with a fishing rod, if it went fast enough, it would pull you? For example, if you hook an Enderdragon or Wither, you’d get pulled really fast behind it. In addition, if you hooked an entity that didn’t move fast enough, you would stop it from moving. Once it reached the end of the fishing line, it would stop and start tugging at the line.

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