21 Dec
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Let’s Make Minecraft Move

If Minecraft is to fully realize its destiny of becoming the Lego of our generation, then it will need to develop more ‘specialty pieces’. We have already been given redstone circuits and pistons, but it’s just not enough. True, Lego never gave us anything like redstone circuits or pistons, but they have such a copious amount of ‘specialty pieces’, or moving parts, that the player never felt something was lacking in their Lego experience (besides the whole ‘I wish this was a video game’ thing). Specialty pieces make the world seem more alive, and not just a static environment of block buildings. In short, specialty pieces make the world go around.

Players have discovered so many uses for redstone circuits and pistons that it would make a person hard pressed to suggest a specialty piece that’s needed. Because, what can’t you do with a mechanic that allows you to build computers and television screens and elevators and hidden doors? The specialty pieces of the future do not need to be game changing; any amount of subtly that is added which makes the world feel more alive would expand the dynamics of Minecraft for the better. The more character the better.

1 Comment

  • How about controllable Vehicles like bikes, planes and others WITHOUT the need for any mods. Also ridable horses would be cool, and parachutes would be helpful

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